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Ship Your Car with Rocket Auto Haulers with CP Rail Train and CN Rail Train

Car shipping via train is very similar to shipping via trailer, but it is considered slightly cost-effective option. Car shipping by train has grown its well-deserved recognition in last few years. More and more people have started to understand the value of rail transport.

In most cases car shipping via rail is a cheaper shipping option to other modes of transport. We consider that real benefit of rail shipping that people hardly acknowledge is the ability to complete shipment on time at consistent rate. Trucks usually have better delivery timing compared to rail shipping, but they lack in consistency due to break downs, bad weather or any other natural causes. Weather has minor to non-effect on your vehicle delivery timings via rail shipping. Our shipping experts believe that 8 out of 10 times rail shipping delivers your vehicle within provided time frame.

Auto Hauling train cargo
Loading vehicle in rail

Similar to Car hauling by truck, Rail transport usually provides you both open and enclosed car shipping option. Open shipping by train is almost always considered a cheaper option. In open shipping, your vehicle is going to be unprotected from natural components like debris, snow, and sand during the journey. Though, a car wash after delivery of your vehicle will easily help you counter the dirt issue.Enclosed rail shipping is a little costlier option, but it provides satisfaction of receiving your vehicle exactly in same condition as it was dropped off at the terminal. Majority of car shippers don’t have much -

concerns about this issue, unless you are planning on shipping a luxury, classic, unique or any other type of valuable vehicle that requires extra protection than usual.

Enclosed car shipping via rail is lot cheaper option than shipping by Enclosed trailer. Only difference is that Enclosed car shipping via rail is enclosed during its travel from terminal to terminal, while Enclosed trailer can deliver to locations without terminals as well.

Car shipping by rail is definitely easier on your pocket compared to other modes of car shipping. Mainly because rail transport has lot lower fuel consumption compared to road transport. We always advice our customers to research the car shipping methods to find best suitable option for their vehicle and budget.

Quotation of your car shipment will depend on following factors.

  • Type of Canadian rail line is used for shipping your vehicle

  • Total distance between origin and destination terminal

  • Selection of open or enclosed car shipping option

  • Terminals with high population area has considerably better rate than less populated region

  • Your cost would be higher if you decided to choose door to door car shipping

Ask for a quote for both methods of shipping (rail & truck) to our customer service representative to get the idea for price difference. You can get a quick quote by fill the quote form or call 24/7 customer service at 1-888-934-4419

It is advisable to follow certain steps to prepare your vehicle for car shipping. Our customer service representative will provide you complete information for preparing your vehicle at the time of booking but still keep an eye on following steps.


Remove personal belongings. Shipping via rail transport does not allow any personal belongings in the vehicle. You are allowed to have up to 4 spare tires and a child seat. Canada rail prefers that vehicle is completely empty without any type of personal belongings like Dash camera, GPS device, papers in dash compartment etc.


Leave a note with personal instruction. If your vehicle requires any personal attention during the journey. Please leave a note in a vehicle to inform Vehicle shipping loaders. Primarily we suggest that, you inform such details at the time of booking of your vehicle with our customer representative.


Check your car’s tires, E-brakes & battery before shipping. Canada rail does not accept nonworking vehicle. Your vehicle must be properly functioning to be able to load and unload in train compartments. If your vehicle has any drivable issues than discuss it with our customer representative at the time of booking and he will suggest you another mode of shipment.

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