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Our Customers

We work with all major dealerships, Nationwide.

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shipping my car with Rocket auto haulers was a breeze. Easy pick up and drop off process. Got from Alberta to Ontario in quick time for a fair price.

Brian Carter

 I had contacted 7-8 different companies but Rocket Auto Haulers offered me the best price. I would highly recommend Rocket auto haulers  for  reliable service.

Anu Khurana

TRULY the best customer service I could receive. Although it was my first time I would bet my money this company will out do most.

Kelsey Hunter

Ship Your Vehicle by Truck with Rocket Auto Haulers

Have you decided to move to a different provience or across the country? If answer is YES, you might require to have  your car shipped instead of driving it yourself. Currently, we provide many shipping options with Open & Enclosed capabilities. Below we offer information about  how to ship your vehicle by open trailer or a truck.

car transport via truck and trailer

With open Trailer, your Vehicle is typically shipped on a large, two-level trailer. (You must have seen these trailers, loaded with multiple cars on a roads.) Open transport is a very good option for both working & non working conditions. It is  considered the best option if you would like to ship stock cars or pre-owned vehicles.

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Can I put personal stuff inside my car?

You are allowed to have upto 300lbs of personal items inside your car if you ship your vehicle by truck. There are some routes where you are only allowed to have 4 extra tires as personal items in your car and no other personal items besides tires. We suggest you to mention your personal item request in your quote request form to get accurate information.


How is my car loaded on the truck?

Once your vehicle is driven on the truck, it will be strapped down for the safety of your own vehicle as well as other vehicles on the truck. Your vehicle's tires will be strapped to the truck and strap will not be touching any parts of the vehicle's body besides tires. Occasionally there will be chain instead of straps depending on configuration of the truck.


Enclosed Car Shipping

 we've a specialised door to door Enclosed service that gives the top notch protection for your valuable luxury vehicle.

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