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Let your special car travel first class in a fully enclosed car carrier, our enclosed carriers are designed to cater for your most valuable possession and all our drivers are highly experienced and knowledgeable about loading, unloading and shipping your vehicle in most professional way possible.

At Rocket Auto Haulers we specialize in transporting Luxury cars, we carry Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bugati,Rolls-Royce, Mclaren, Aston Martin, etc. we can ship any vehicles via Enclosed transport as long as they have four wheels, our Enclosed car carriers have modern Safety  system in which straps are locked over the wheels to protect your vehicle while travelling.

Modern Hydraulic Tail Gate Lift

Our driver utilizes a hydraulic tailgate lift instead of using Traditional Ramps, which eliminates all possibility of damage to your vehicle. Loading vehicles with Ramp can cause damage to your vehicle, especially if your vehicle has low ground clearance.


Our specialized driver will drive your vehicle onto our hydraulic tailgate. Hydraulic tailgate will then be lifted slowly to line up to loading position, and then it will be driven right into the fully enclosed trailer.

Ferrari loading.jpg

Fully Enclosed trailer for Car Transport

lift loading Ferrari.jpg

For your convenience, we have single and multi-vehicle enclosed carriers available for car transport within Canada. Both single and Multi-carriers are capable to provide door to door delivery service.


All vehicles are strapped down with custom safety straps which prevents vehicle moving during transport. The custom straps eliminates the risk of damage due to rubbing and chafing, which ensures the safety of your precious possession during transportation.

Enclosed shipment features

  • Door to Door service

  • Multiple angle loading Ramp

  • Modern Hydraulic Tail Gate Lift

  • Full protection from external elemants like Flying Debris,snow,rail and hail.

  • No damage to underside of the vehicle

  • safely monitored movement in and out of the car carier

  • Custom straps for preventing movement during transports

Ferrari strapped.jpg
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