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Ontario Car Shipping and Vehicle transporting Service

Rocket Auto Haulers specializes in helping dealerships and Individual vehicle owners to move their vehicles within and outside Ontario. we assure you that our experienced and profecient drivers will transport your vehicle safely . Whether you need one special car moved to a different city or you need multiple cars sent to a handful of locations, we can handle it for you every step of the way.

Hauling vehicles can seem like a difficult job, however Rocket Auto Haulers can help you make what is known as a  difficult task feel like a breeze. We ship vehicle all over Canada and provide service to all major cities in Ontario. We have trucks/car haulers delivering at least once a week towards Toronto, Ottawa, Kitchner, Vaughn,London, Windsor, Hamilton, Sudbury, Kingston, and Thuder Bay.

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Car moving & Transporting in all Major Cities of Ontario

Although we ship for many different types of individuals and companies, we specialize in helping car dealerships handle all of their vehicle shipping requirements.

Our car transporting services are outlined to make your life smoother, and get your single car or multiple vehicles to their drop off location, safely. Our team of experienced, skilled and committed drivers and loaders are ready to take any challenging moving jobs. We believe in providing fast delivery and high quality customer service.

Rocket Auto Haulers takes pride in providing best customer service in the industry. Whether you are planning on shipping your vehicle from Ontario to any other provinces within canada or viceversa, Rocket auto haulers is your most reliable and affordable option. Whether you got a new job in different city, or you bought a classic car online, or you are planning on moving multiple cars across country for your dealership, we do it all.

Currently our regular routes in Ontario connects all Major cities including Toronto, Ottawa, Kitchner, Vaughn,London, Windsor, Hamilton, Sudbury, Kingston, and Thuder Bay. We do provide services to many other cities besides above mentioned names as well. 
If your are planning to ship your vehicle from Calgary to Toronto, Toronto to Vancouver, London to Sasktoon, Windsor to Vancouver, Hamilton to Winnipeg, Edmoton to Kingston, Thunderbay to Sydney NS, Sudbury to Dartmouth, Ottawa to Regina, Prince George to Hamilton, Kitchner to Montreal, Niagara Falls to Kelowna, , please give us a call on 403-862-4856 to get a quick quote.