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Our conveniently located Depots and Terminals are spread throughout GTA Area, making it easy to drop off and pick up your car.

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say:

Samantha Edwards

My daughter moved to Vancouver for Job and we used Rocket to ship her car from Toronto to Vancouver. Best decision we ever made! 

Diego Hernandez

I recently shipped my car from Calgary to Toronto using Rocket Auto Haulers and I have to say the experience was fantastic. The team was incredibly responsive and made the process so easy for me.

Emily Johnson

I recently used Rocket Auto Haulers to ship my Porsche SUV from Vancouver to Toronto by train, and I was very happy with the service. The team was courteous and helpful.

Car Shipping To and From Toronto with Rocket Auto Haulers

Looking for reliable car transport services in Toronto and GTA area? Look no further than Rocket Auto Haulers! Our fast and efficient auto transport services cover all of Canada, providing you with peace of mind that your vehicle will be transported safely and on time.

rocket auto haulers depot.jpg

At Rocket Auto Haulers, we understand that each customer has unique shipping needs. That's why we offer three types of car transport services in Toronto - Terminal to Terminal, Door to Door, and Meet the Driver.

Our Depots & Terminals in Toronto

Our Depots & Terminals are strategically located in three popular locations in Toronto area. These terminals are equipped with fully gated security and CCTV camaras to ensure the safety of your vehicles. Here is where our terminals are located.




Our Terminal to Terminal service allows you to drop off your vehicle at one of our depots in Scarborough, Mississauga, or Milton, and we'll transport it to the terminal nearest your destination city. This is a great option for customers who want to save on shipping costs or have the flexibility to pick up their vehicle at the terminal.

Door to Door Car Shipping in Toronto

we understand that you want your vehicle to arrive at your doorstep, safe and sound. That's why we offer our convenient Door to Door Car Shipping service in Toronto, allowing you to sit back and relax while we take care of the transportation process. Our experienced team of drivers will pick up your vehicle from your doorstep and deliver it to your desired location. Currently we provide door to door service to all locations in Toronto.

Meet the Driver in Toronto

In addition to our Terminal-to-Terminal and Door-to-Door car shipping services, Rocket Auto Haulers offers a unique Meet the Driver option for customers in Toronto and Greater Toronto Area.

We understand that not all cities in Ontario have a terminal, and some customers may prefer not to have their vehicles transported to the nearest terminal. Our Meet the Driver service delivers your vehicle to a convenient location, such as a Car dealership or any other place with a larger parking lot in the city or town of your choice (Car haulers are not allowed in Residential Areas).

Our team of experts will coordinate with you to determine the most convenient location to meet the driver, ensuring a smooth and efficient pickup and delivery process. This option is ideal for customers who live in areas without a nearby terminal or for those who prefer not to have their vehicles transported directly to their homes.

We are committed to providing reliable and flexible car delivery services in Toronto and GTA. Aside from Toronto, we provide car shipping services for many other cities and towns throughout Ontario, including:

  • Barrie 

  • Belleville 

  • Brantford 

  • Brockville 

  • Burlington 

  • Cambridge 

  • Chatham-Kent

  • Collingwood 

  • Cornwall 

  • Guelph 

  • Hamilton 

  • Huntsville 

  • Kingston 

  • Kitchener 

  • London 

  • Newmarket 

  • Niagara Falls 

  • NorthBay 
  • Orillia 

  • Oshawa 

  • Ottawa

  • Owen Sound 

  • Peterborough 

  • Pickering

  • Sault Ste.Marie 

  • St. Catharines 

  • Sudbury 

  • Thunder Bay 

  • Vaughan 

  • Waterloo 

  • Windsor 

  • Woodstock

Just a few of many satisfied customers of Rocket Auto Haulers


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Request a Quick Quote Now!

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